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Doors provide privacy, security, and separation of spaces, making them an essential part of any home’s interior and exterior. High-quality materials and hardware ensure your doors are functional and can withstand the age of time. Read on to discover the different products we supply for doors in NZ.

Our Product Selection

Choose from Akarana’s extensive range of ready-made interior and exterior doors, including pre-hung doors, entrance doors, French doors, cavity sliders, and louvres. Need a non-standard-sized door? We can arrange custom-made doors to your specifications. We might even have the hardware you need.

Interior Doors

Interior home doors require many considerations, such as choosing a colour, design, and place for the hinges and door handle. Suitable interior door materials must be well fastened with sturdy joinery and assembly for easy manoeuvring and to prevent malfunction over time.

Garage Doors

Garage doors can be made from wood, steel, and aluminium to suit your desired look, function, and durability. There are limitless options for garage door designs (slide, roll up, swing out) which are customisable according to your needs.

Aluminium Doors

Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminium doors provide excellent thermal insulation and structural integrity for any household. Aluminium doors are the perfect choice for your main entry door as they are weatherproof, highly durable, and proven to last with time.

Open a World of Possibilities

Whether a beginner DIY-er or an expert crafter, Akarana Timbers has all the tools and materials you need to build and install your doors in NZ. From interior doors that will elevate your home décor to sturdy garage doors that are guaranteed to last, we have the supplies. Want more information or need help building doors for your home? Reach out to us to get started.