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Roofing Products

Aside from being the nation’s timber expert, Akarana Timbers offers an array of roofing customisations you may require for your next roofing project. You can be confident that you’ll be working with high-quality materials that not only add value to your home but help you become more energy efficient. For roofing products, browse our full collection below.


What We Offer

Akarana Timbers offers a range of roofing products. Want more information on what we offer? Read on or contact our lovely team to find out more.


Rainwater Systems

A rainwater collection system harvests rainwater from your roof and stores it in a tank for domestic use. This can reduce demand on the main water supply by serving as a viable secondary source for household activities such as laundry, plumbing, or gardening.


Skylights are up to three times more efficient than vertical windows at distributing sunlight into rooms. Not only can increased sunlight exposure improve your mood, but evenly distributed natural lighting also reduces reliance on artificial sources.

Translucent Roofing

Made from high-quality materials, our translucent sheets mould into any design according to the shape of your roof. A lightweight yet durable option that offers a modern and luxurious feel to any room.  

Insulated Panels

Say goodbye to cold, damp, and leaky buildings by adding insulated panels to your roof. As an energy-efficient option, this added layer of insulation prevents heat loss, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Elevate Your Roofs

Looking for roofing products for your next roofing project? Akarana Timbers provides environmentally friendly options that are not only incredibly sleek and stylish but can help you save money. Reach out to us and we’d love to chat about how we can make your roofing needs a reality. From New Roofs & Re-Roofs to Gutters, Caps & Flashings and everything in between – We’ve got you covered