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Well known for being one of New Zealand’s most popular interior building lining, plasterboard or wallboard, is made from a naturally occurring substance called gypsum, with a paper casing and some binding agents, although the exact composition varies depending on its end purpose. Akarana Timbers stocks various GIB plasterboard suitable for all applications. From standard plasterboard commonly used in wall and ceiling linings, to plasterboards for specialty purposes such as bracing, wet areas and noise reduction. Let the friendly staff at Akarana Timbers find the right plasterboard solution for you.

Plasterboard Accessories

As a one stop shop, Akarana Timbers can supply plasterboard accessories and hardware you or your builder will need to complete the project. The correct compounds, adhesive and sealants will make sure you receive a top quality finish, while the appropriate fasteners, trims and tape are required to keep products to building code standards.

Why Shop at Akarana?

Our customers are not just a number on a page, with Akarana Timbers you will get a personalised service with real people to help support you in your next project. Together with our expanding branch network through the North Island and Christchurch in the south, future proof your business by working together with our team of dedicated staff.