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Akarana Timbers have been providing super competitive building materials and supplies out of our East Tamaki site for more than 30 years. We’ve nailed it! Browse our building materials below.

Our Selection

Akarana Timbers offers an enormous range of building supplies in NZ to assist with your project. Our wide range of products makes Akarana Timbers the one-stop trades shop. You can be confident that you’re working with high-quality materials to make your build a success. See what building materials are available at Akarana Timbers below.

As our namesake, you can rely on us to deliver a huge range of high-quality timber products to make your build a success. Our selection of building products can assist in a wide variety of landscaping and construction jobs. 

Our timber products include fencing and decking products, specialty beams, roundwood poles, piles, and more.

Panel products and pre-cladding materials are essential to the quality of your build. We have a range of panel products that can help with ceiling, wall, and flooring jobs. Panel products can provide soundproofing, waterproofing, and a range of other structural benefits. Explore our plywood sheets, fibre cement, MDF boards, and more to see what suits your build.

Get your flooring project completed to a high standard with our flooring options. We stock Strandfloor, Eurofloor, and Plyfloor H3.2.

We have all the essentials to create a strong foundation. From drain coils to reinforcing, you can count on our building supplies to help your build get started.

Grouts and repairs, geotextiles, mesh products, masonry, and concrete are available through Akarana Timbers to complete your foundation.

Whether your project requires interior wooden doors, aluminium doors, or you’re looking to replace a garage door—we’ve got what you need. Explore our range of doors and associated products.

Roofing is a vital part of any build, providing protection from the elements, gutter systems, and insulation. We have a range of roofing panels, rainwater systems, and skylight panels to create a strong, supported roof to protect your build.

Our cladding products have an option for any design, creating a durable, yet beautiful exterior. Cladding provides weather protection and can contribute to temperature control for the interior. Fibre cement, bricks, timber weatherboard, and other exterior cladding options all help to reduce corrosion and protect your new build, but they’re also used to create aesthetic appeal.

A project isn’t finished until the landscaping is complete! With landscaping materials from timber to blocks and centrepieces to set your yard apart from the rest, explore the options available in-store and through custom orders.

Through our sister company—Zeta Window and Door—you’ll receive excellent customer service and superior quality product to provide you with a true ‘one stop shop’ experience.

Commonly used in walls, ceilings, and drywall partitions, plasterboard is a versatile building material. Plasterboard is made from pressed gypsum and is incredibly durable. With a huge variety of possible uses, it’s one of the most widely used building materials in the world.

Shop for insulation with Akarana to ensure your completed build is comfortable and economical. Insulation helps maintain the warmth in the winter and reduce the heat that enters through summer. This can reduce your heating and cooling costs, making it essential for any new build.

Stairs are seen in many buildings, from homes to businesses. Staircases need to be built with precision and caution. Using the appropriate materials to build them is essential. We have a variety of materials to help you build a strong and supported staircase.

Building wraps bring several benefits, including adding a layer of protection against the elements. If you require a building wrap for your project, we can help.