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Prenail Frame & Truss NZ

Akarana Timbers has gained a reputation as one of NZ’s top manufacturers of timber prenail frames and trusses. As members of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA), you can be assured we have the industry qualifications and audited practices to produce high-quality frames and trusses in NZ for your project.

Start to Finish Service

Simplify the building consent process with our comprehensive roof truss layout design service.  We can take care of all the frame and truss compliance documentation you need to get your project going and ensure that it is completed on time.  As a certified fabricator of frames and trusses in New Zealand, we provide all council approved ‘buildable’ pre-consent and post-build ‘as built’ PS1 design documentation required for consenting and code compliance certification (CCC).

Start to Finish Service

Avoid getting fed up with obtaining building consent. Our start-to-finish roof truss layout service covers everything necessary to get your project completed on time. As certified fabricators of frames and trusses in NZ, we can provide Council-ready documents to reassure you that your project will be underway in no time.

Why Timber Frames?

With other options coming into the market, you may wonder what benefits timber frames and trusses provide.

  • Its environmental qualities make wood the most renewable of all building materials.
  • When dry, wood works as a natural insulator and will not conduct; wood is 400 times more effective as a thermal insulator than steel and 14 times better than concrete.
  • Builders are familiar with using wood and usually prefer it.
  • The flexibility of design and ease of construction allowing for modifications and tweaks to layout during construction is invaluable.
  • Talk to us for more information on why WOOD IS BEST.