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Exterior Wall Claddings

Exterior cladding protects your home and its structural portions from external weather elements. Choosing quality exterior cladding is crucial in the long-term maintenance and performance of your building. With plenty of different wall cladding types, we guarantee you’ll find an option that meets your functional and aesthetic needs.

Our Product Selection

Akarana offers an extensive selection of exterior cladding materials.


One of the most common wall cladding materials, bricks are highly durable and offer the perfect rustic aesthetic. Well lauded for its quality insulating factors and noise control ability, brick exterior cladding does not require added paint and will last long without frequent maintenance.


Masonry external claddings usually consist of a clay brick veneer with a 40mm minimum cavity void between the face of the wall. This allows for significant drainage and ventilation, preventing moisture build-up. Although this wall cladding type is heavy and must be well supported, it will provide outstanding performance in all weather conditions.


Wood is a classic choice for exterior wall claddings.

Not only is it weather resistant, airtight, and durable if maintained constantly, but timber is also visually appealing. With options such as Kwila and cedar wood sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers, Akarana is certain to have a timber wall cladding selection for you.

Fibre Cement

Fibre cement can be made to mimic wood, brick, or stone while retaining the nature of vinyl. Perfect for homes near the beach or areas of high moisture, enjoy incredible resistance to humidity, salty air, and flood damage. Fibre cement is a durable option that looks great, holds up well under the sun, and doesn’t require regular maintenance.


Weatherboard cladding is low maintenance, providing a clean-lined, tidy appearance with minimal effort. Durable and able to withstand significant weather events, weatherboard is not likely to stain or become damaged from rain or wind.


Traditionally, weatherboard cladding was made with timber however, there are now various options to create the same traditional look of timber weatherboard cladding in different materials. Some of the most popular include vinyl, engineered timber and composite materials, steel and fibre cement.

Get Started with an Exterior Cladding Solution

Protect your home and elevate your exterior with high-quality wall cladding materials. With Akarana Timbers’ wide range of exterior cladding materials on offer, we guarantee you will find a solution you love. Reach out to our friendly team if you require a specific cladding type that we haven’t listed, and we’d be happy to help!